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Image of New! "Queens" set ($96 value)

New! "Queens" set ($96 value)

Great for gifting and on-the-go touchups!
Ice cube crystal packaging

4 x .5 fl oz spray fragrance set

1 - Art Color Love .5 oz EDP
Fresh watermelon
Ginger mint tea
Soft sandalwood

1 - Artsy .5 oz EDP
Red candied apple
Sparkling violet and marshmallow accord
Creamy sandalwood

1 - Indigo Love .5 oz EDP
Zesty tangerine
Delicate honeysuckle
Sophisticated cedarwood
Sensual sandalwood

1 - Poetry .5 oz EDP
Ripe, juicy peach
Dewy magnolia blossom
Creamy sandalwood